Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammoplasty

Dr. Studin's painless lollipop breast reduction technique is a terrific advance, resulting in much less scarring, a better shape and very fast recovery. Dr. Studin has used this procedure successfully in well over a thousand patients.

A long-acting local anesthetic is used during surgery, so less anesthesia is needed. If you wake up comfortable, the need for pain medicine is MUCH less and you just feel BETTER! If you meet a past patient, the vast majority will tell you that this approach allowed them to have their reduction with remarkably little discomfort.

Breast reduction surgery usually takes only about an hour in my practice, and is done in my accredited private surgery center with a board-certified anesthesiologist. You go home the same day. In most cases, if surgery is Wednesday, you are back to work or school on Monday!

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Step 01

60 Min Procedure

After planning your new size with Dr. Studin, the procedure itself takes about an hour.

Step 02

Fast Recovery

Dr. Studin numbs the area before he starts the surgery, so you need very little anesthesia to stay asleep. Waking up without much discomfort and having had little anesthesia, you are ready to go home an hour or two after your surgery.

Step 03

Beach Body Ready!

The Lollipop technique has less scarring and less trauma to the breast, so you are back to activities in just days. Your new look is apparent right away in clothes and bathing suits. The final shape without clothing takes some time.

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Breast Reduction

While some women fantasize about having large breasts, others dread the discomfort that comes with having large breasts because of the weight on their back and shoulders, looking heavier in clothing, shoulder grooves from bra straps, rashes under the breasts from moisture and interference with exercise. Reduction Mammaplasty or Breast Reduction surgery can be life- changing in a very positive way. If your breasts are too large for your body or if they are the source of pain in your shoulders, back, or neck, the procedure is ideal for you.

During this safe and popular procedure, expert breast surgeon Dr. Joel Studin, can reduce the size of your breasts with minimal discomfort and the least skin scarring possible, due to new techniques, so that they are more suitable for your body, thereby relieving your pain and discomfort and giving you the breasts you desire.

At his accredited private practice, where he has performed well over 1,000 breast reductions uses the Lillipop, short scar technique. Dr. Studin will provide you with the highest quality of care possible. Most people are home within hours and back to work in less than a week.

Every breast reduction includes a breast lift to improve the appearance of your breasts. Schedule your consultation right now. Don't spend another day in pain or anguish because of your large breasts.

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What is Breast Reduction Surgery

Surgery to reduce the size of overly large breasts is called a Reduction Mammoplasty also called a Breast Reduction. It involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and breast tissue from the breasts.

The Types Of Breast Reduction Procedures

When you're ready to explore breast reduction techniques and outcomes, you're going to want to seek out an elite, board certified professional with years of experience. There is no better choice than Dr. Joel Studin at his private practice in Great Neck, New York. Dr. Studin discusses these techniques with you at your initial consultation before choosing the most appropriate surgical method for you.

Dr. Studin will help you choose the breast reduction technique that promises optimal results based on your body type and preferences. These are the most common breast reduction procedures:

Incision Breast Reduction
Inferior pedicle method
Free nipple graft
Anchor incision pattern

Lejour also called Lollipop Incision Breast Reduction

In a LeJeour, also called a Lollipop Breast Reduction, the incision goes around the areola and down. More nerves and blood vessels are preserved as the upper lateral breast tissue, where the nerves come in, is not removed. There is NO incision along the fold under the breast. Not only is there much less scarring and much less trauma, but the resulting incisions are hidden, even in a bikini. Faster healing and a better shape result from using this approach. With vast experience, there are very few who are not good candidates for this approach.

Superior Pedicle method

With this method of breast reduction, the nerves and blood vessels can be preserved by leaving an attached tissue graft (pedicle) in place from the top of the breast to supply the breast after its size has been reduced. However, this often involves more skin scarring, as the procedure uses the anchor pattern scar.

Inferior pedicle method

With this method of breast reduction, the nerves and blood vessels are less preserved because the pedicle is from the bottom of the breast and the nerves come in from the upper lateral area. This also can involve more skin scarring and Dr. Studin has found the shape is better with the Lollipop Breast Reduction.

Free nipple graft

This method of breast reduction surgery requires the complete removal of the patient's nipple and areola, which is then repositioned in an elevated position and used as a skin graft in the new location. Dr. Studin has not had to remove a nipple and graft it back on for this operation in decades. It doesn't heal, feel or look as well as the other methods and should be avoided.

Anchor incision pattern

Also known as the Wise Patter after the doctor who described it many years ago, this type of incision goes around the perimeter of your areola and then follows a straight line down the center of your breast and across the crease where your breast and chest meet. This can be very unsightly and is very rarely needed with Dr. Studin's experience.

What size so I want to be after Breast Reduction?

Target size after breast reduction is something you should discuss at length with Dr. Studin. While there is really no absolute cup size anymore, because companies are making their clothing either too big or too small for for marketing purposes, a general idea is that most people aim for a small C. Again though, this is something you need to discuss with the doctor at length.

Breast Reduction Benefits

If your breasts are significantly larger than average, you are well aware of the impact they have on your life. Breast reduction surgery is performed with the intention of alleviating pain and suffering, thereby enabling the patient to lead a healthier lifestyle. You are able to reclaim command of your life once you have a bust that is proportionate to the rest of your body. The following are some of the many advantages that come with having a reduction mammoplasty::

  • Physical fitness, which allows one to take part in a variety of fun activities
  • Lasting and profound comfort and confidence
  • Lower levels of back and neck pain mean a better quality of life
  • Health Benefits from increased physical activity
  • Finding clothes that fit your body is easier

When you talk to Dr. Studin during your initial consultation, describe your goals and concerns in as much detail as you can. He will help you set realistic expectations so you understand exactly what will happen during the procedure and what the recovery will be like.

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Best Candidates for Breast Reduction

Women with large, pendulous breasts may experience a variety of medical problems caused by this excess weight, including rashes under the folds from excess moisture trapped there,  back and neck pain, skin breakdown and stretch marks from the weight, and bra strap grooving of the shoulders. Very large breasts can make a woman or teenage girl feel extremely self-conscious and look heavier than they really are. Breast reduction often leads people to think you lost weight and look trimmer and healthier.

Virginal Hypertrophy is a condition where very young teenage girls have very large breasts. Aside from the psychological issues this can cause, it causes many physical problems. These girls will often have trouble with gym at school and other sport activities, fitting into their clothes and can be very uncomfortable in general. It is very satisfying to see the relief experienced by these young girls when you correct this problem.

Breast reductions are best for women who have:

  • Breasts out of proportion to the body
  • Pain of the the neck, back, and shoulders
  • Shoulder grooving from the bra
  • Skin rashes from moisture beneath the breasts
  • Uneven breasts
  • Restricted activity

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Your Breast Reduction Consultation

There are a number of things you'll need to do beforehand to prepare for your breast reduction surgery. Here's a quick rundown of everything that needs to be done prior to surgery:

  • Initial consultation. Your first step should be to seek the advice of a qualified breast surgeon. Board certified expert Dr. Joel Studin is the perfect choice.
  • If Dr. Studin thinks you'd be a good candidate for a reduction mammoplasty, he'll perform a physical exam, look over your medical history, and ask you some questions. Dr. Studin will evaluate your chest, height, weight, and body size to determine which method of reduction will be most effective for you.
  • Pre-operative requirements. For some, just preoperative blood tests are needed. For those with potential medical issues, clearance from an internist or cardiologist will be required.  You will likely discontinue the use of any blood-thinning drugs, as well as any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or Advil. If you want the best possible outcome from the procedure, you should also refrain from smoking.

In addition to the medically necessary breast reduction, Dr. Studin will inform you of the following additional procedures:

  • breast lift. This procedure is performed in conjunction with every breast reduction surgery to ensure that you maintain a desirable profile with satisfactory cleavage.
  • areola reduction procedure.This procedure ensures that your nipples and areolae correspond to your new breast size.

A successful outcome from breast reduction surgery depends on your level of preparation. Dr. Joel Studin puts patients at ease by explaining every step of the operation. This veteran plastic surgeon understands the importance of pre-op preparation and patient education for a speedier, less stressful recovery and a great cosmetic result.

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