Breast Reduction with Dr. Joel Studin, Long Island

Breast Reduction with Dr. Joel Studin, Long Island

If you're hoping to reduce the size and weight of large, protruding breasts, you should consider getting a breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty with Dr. Studin. By removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin, patients are left with breasts that are more proportionate read more to their body size, greatly increasing their quality of life. Millions of women have sought this procedure to find relief from the physical discomfort that comes with having very large breasts, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. Besides physical relief, breast reduction can have profound psychological benefits, increasing your self-confidence by eliminating insecurities about your breast size.

Dr. Joel Studin, a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery, has successfully performed breast reductions for over a thousand patients across Long Island. Utilizing industry leading techniques tailored to each patient's unique anatomy and personal goals, Dr. Studin achieves outstanding results that are as functional as they are visually pleasing.

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Throughout his career, Dr. Studin has done over 10,000 surgeries, earning the trust of his patients, who have come from around the world to have him do their surgery.

Having trained at such places as Mount Sinai, in New York, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dr. Studin was awarded the prestigious Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS),  is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the Americans Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Dr. Studin is an internationally acclaimed expert in breast surgery. Over a decade as director of a breast center in Manhattan and awarded a patent for improving breast implant placement, he is trusted by patients and peers worldwide.

Using an advanced technique that he developed, patients wake up pain-free, and most feel no pain at all during recovery.

Dr. Studin has been awarded over 40 patents in 26 countries, and has new patents in process as he continues to be a leading innovator in medicine and surgery.

Why Choose A Breast Reduction?

While some women fantasize about having large breasts, others dread the discomfort that comes with having large breasts because of the weight on their back and shoulders, looking heavier in clothing, shoulder grooves from bra straps, rashes under the breasts from moisture and interference with exercise. Reduction Mammaplasty or Breast Reduction surgery can be life- changing in a very positive way. If your breasts are too large for your body or if they are the source of pain in your shoulders, back, or neck, the procedure is ideal for you.

During this safe and popular procedure, expert breast surgeon Dr. Joel Studin, can reduce the size of your breasts with minimal discomfort and the least skin scarring possible, due to new techniques, so that they are more suitable for your body, thereby relieving your pain and discomfort and giving you the breasts you desire.

At his accredited private practice, where he has performed well over 1,000 breast reductions uses the Lillipop, short scar technique. Dr. Studin will provide you with the highest quality of care possible. Most people are home within hours and back to work in less than a week.

Every breast reduction includes a breast lift to improve the appearance of your breasts. Schedule your consultation right now. Don't spend another day in pain or anguish because of your large breasts.

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Breast Reduction Types

Lejour - Lollipop Breast Reduction

In a LeJeour, also called a Lollipop Breast Reduction, the incision goes around the areola and down. More nerves and blood vessels are preserved as the upper lateral breast tissue, where the nerves come in, is not removed. There is NO incision along the fold under the breast. Not only is there much less scarring and much less trauma, but the resulting incisions are hidden, even in a bikini. Faster healing and a better shape result from using this approach. With vast experience, there are very few who are not good candidates for this approach.

Superior Pedicle Breast Reduction

With this method of breast reduction, the nerves and blood vessels can be preserved by leaving an attached tissue graft (pedicle) in place from the top of the breast to supply the breast after its size has been reduced. However, this often involves more skin scarring, as the procedure uses the anchor pattern scar.

Inferior pedicle method

With this method of breast reduction, the nerves and blood vessels are less preserved because the pedicle is from the bottom of the breast and the nerves come in from the upper lateral area. This also can involve more skin scarring and Dr. Studin has found the shape is better with the Lollipop Breast Reduction.

Free Nipple Graft

This method of breast reduction surgery requires the complete removal of the patient's nipple and areola, which is then repositioned in an elevated position and used as a skin graft in the new location. Dr. Studin has not had to remove a nipple and graft it back on for this operation in decades. It doesn't heal, feel or look as well as the other methods and should be avoided.

Anchor incision pattern

Also known as the Wise Patter after the doctor who described it many years ago, this type of incision goes around the perimeter of your areola and then follows a straight line down the center of your breast and across the crease where your breast and chest meet. This can be very unsightly and is very rarely needed with Dr. Studin's experience.

Cost of
Breast Reduction

The cost of a breast reduction procedure with Dr. Joel Studin varies, reflecting his bespoke approach to each client, the complexity of the procedure, and the high standard of care he provides. This investment in yourself covers all aspects of the surgery, including anesthesia, facility fees, surgeon's fees, and post-operative care. It's also important to note that the final cost might also be read more influenced by how much of a reduction is required, the reduction technique chosen, and any additional treatments that may be recommended to make sure you achieve your desired results, such as liposuction around the breast area for contouring.

Dr. Studin's Long Island office is committed to transparency and will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown during your consultation. This is done to help you understand the full scope of this investment in your health and self-confidence. In addition, for patients concerned about affordability, financing options may be available to spread the cost over time, making the procedure more accessible to those who need it.

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If you're feeling weighed down-both physically and emotionally-by large breasts, a breast reduction might just be the life changing solution you're looking for. Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who suffer daily from the discomfort and limitations associated with overly large breasts. Think chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain that just won't quit, skin irritation from bra straps digging in, and even a sense of feeling restricted from engaging in physical activities. read more

But it's not just about easing discomfort. Many women find that their large breasts cast a dark cloud over their self-image, affecting how they see themselves and lowering their confidence. If you're looking for a way to supercharge your self-esteem, to feel more in tune with your body, breast reduction could offer you that fresh start.

Before diving in, though, it's crucial to have clear, realistic expectations about the outcomes and to prepare for an extended recovery process. Breast reduction isn't an overnight miracle-it's a transformative process that reveals its benefits over time.

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Are you a

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Your journey to a confident new body begins when you schedule your consultation with Dr. Joel Studin. This one-on-one meeting is your opportunity to open up about what you hope to achieve through breast reduction surgery and why you're considering this transformative surgery. It's extremely important to be as open and detailed as possible about your surgical goals and the physical or emotional discomfort you're experiencing, because the success of your procedure depends on it. read more

Dr. Studin places immense value on understanding your perspective and will tailor the surgery to your specific needs and expectations. You'll be asked to share your medical history, any current health concerns, and your lifestyle habits. This allows Dr. Studin to assess which procedure is right for you and to plan the surgery with your safety and desired results as the top priorities.

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Dr. Studin will begin with a comprehensive overview of your medical history. This step is essential for tailoring the surgery to your specific health needs and reducing the odds of any potential complications. Expect to undergo various tests, including lab work and breast imaging, in order to properly assess your health status. read more

You must be in the best possible condition for this surgery, so Dr. Studin may advise you to make some adjustments to your current lifestyle or medication intake. You must avoid smoking or vaping, as well as aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and any supplements that could increase bleeding risks during and after your surgery. These precautions are necessary to avoid potential complications and you'll be grateful with the results. read more

Since breast reduction is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure, you won't need to stay in the hospital overnight. However, you'll be required to plan for someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first night after the surgery. Having a support system in place is an essential part of your care as you start your recovery journey. read more

Breast Reduction Procedure with Dr. Joel Studin

Anesthesia and Incision

The first step towards your new, more comfortable breast size begins with keeping you completely at ease and pain-free. Dr. Studin will administer local anesthesia to numb the area, guaranteeing a procedure free of discomfort. Once the anesthesia takes effect, he'll make careful and skilled incisions designed to minimize visible scarring while reducing breast volume.

Reducing The Breast Volume

Dr. Studin will carefully remove the excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin that contribute to oversized breasts. He may also reposition your nipples to enhance the breasts' overall appearance if necessary, so they sit at a natural-looking height on the newly shaped breasts.

Dressings and Sutures

Once you get the perfect contour for your breasts, Dr. Studin will close the incisions with sutures, applying compression bandages to support the healing process. Drains may be used to prevent fluid accumulation, promoting a smoother recovery. This careful closure technique both secures the new breast shape and helps minimize post-surgical marks.


You might feel a bit numb in the breast area after waking up from the surgery-thanks to the long-acting local anesthetic used during the procedure. This actually helps dramatically lower discomfort levels. Most patients are ready to head home within an hour after surgery, though an overnight stay under professional care is always an option for those who need it.

The most crucial part of the recovery period is the five days post-surgery; it's important to rest and let the effects of anesthesia wear off. Around days 5 to 14, you may feel up to resuming work or school activities, but with some restrictions. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are off-limits during this phase to ensure you heal properly. Following Dr. Studin's tailored recovery plan allows for a smooth transition back to daily life, freeing you to enjoy your rejuvenated, proportionate figure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Joel Studin is famous for performing the best breast reduction surgeries on Long Island. With his extensive experience and personalized approach, Dr. Studin ensures each patient receives the highest standards of care.

While breast reduction may be performed on individuals as young as 16, it's generally recommended to wait until at least the age of 18. This allows the breasts to fully develop, so the results align with the patient's matured physique and expectations.

Just like with any surgical procedure, breast reduction comes with its own set of risks. These can include loss of nipple sensitivity, visible scarring, and other minor complications. Dr. Studin will discuss these potential risks with you in detail during your consultation, helping you make an informed decision.

Even though a bit of discomfort is expected with any surgery, breast reduction patients often report very mild and easy to manage pain levels. Numbness in the nipples can occur but typically goes away within one to two weeks post-surgery. Dr. Studin and his team provide comprehensive care and guidance to ensure your comfort throughout the recovery process.

In some rare cases, breasts may grow after reduction due to weight gain, pregnancy, or hormonal changes. Maintaining a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle can help preserve the results of your procedure.

While breast reduction surgery will leave behind some scars, Dr. Studin employs advanced techniques to minimize and strategically place incisions, making scars far less noticeable. Over time, these scars will significantly fade, blending in naturally with your body.

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