Sculptra With Dr. Joel Studin, Long Island

Sculptra With Dr. Joel Studin, Long Island

At Dr. Joel Studin's award winning practice, we're dedicated to offering top-tier cosmetic treatments that elevate your appearance and confidence. Among our groundbreaking treatments, Sculptra stands out for its innovative approach to restoring facial volume through natural collagen stimulation. Approved by the FDA, Sculptra gradually replenishes collagen lost due to aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing facial contours. read more

Throughout his career, Dr. Studin has done over 10,000 surgeries, earning the trust of his patients, who have come from around the world to have him do their surgery.

Having trained at such places as Mount Sinai, in New York, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dr. Studin was awarded the prestigious Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS),  is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the Americans Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Dr. Studin is an internationally acclaimed expert in breast surgery. Over a decade as director of a breast center in Manhattan and awarded a patent for improving breast implant placement, he is trusted by patients and peers worldwide.

Using an advanced technique that he developed, patients wake up pain-free, and most feel no pain at all during recovery.

Dr. Studin has been awarded over 40 patents in 26 countries, and has new patents in process as he continues to be a leading innovator in medicine and surgery.

Why Choose Sculptra

Choosing Sculptra at our practice means receiving care from a seasoned professional who has performed thousands of successful treatments. Dr. Studin leverages Sculptra's poly-L-lactic acid formula to stimulate your collagen production subtly over time, ensuring results that are both natural-looking and long-lasting.

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Cost of

The cost of Sculptra treatments varies based on the individual's treatment plan, including the number of sessions required to achieve your desired results. A personalized quote will be provided during your consultation with Dr. Studin, ensuring you're comfortable and well informed about the entire process.

Ideal candidates for Sculptra are individuals looking to restore facial volume, smooth out deep wrinkles, and enhance facial contours without undergoing surgery. If you're seeking a non-invasive treatment with long-lasting results, Sculptra might be the perfect solution for you.

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Ready to explore how Sculptra can transform your appearance? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Studin to discuss your goals, evaluate your suitability for the treatment, and learn more about what Sculptra can do for you.

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During your first visit, Dr. Studin will give you detailed evaluation, reviewing your problem areas, answering questions, and exploring how Sculptra can help. This conversation is pivotal in crafting a customized treatment plan that aligns with your specific desires and needs. read more

Dr. Studin will provide comprehensive instructions to prepare you for the Sculptra treatment. This may include pausing certain medications and suggesting lifestyle adjustments to the effectiveness of the treatment and minimize potential side effects. read more

It's essential to plan for the day of your Sculptra session. Arrange for someone to drive you home if necessary and prepare for any immediate aftercare needs to ensure a comfortable recovery process. read more



To make your experience as comfortable as possible, Dr. Studin applies topical or local anesthesia before the procedure. This step is crucial for minimizing discomfort during the Sculptra injections, allowing for a pain-free session.


Sculptra is meticulously injected into predetermined areas to kickstart collagen production. Dr. Studin's strategic approach ensures the filler is placed for optimal volume restoration and rejuvenation, tailored to your unique facial structure.


Following the injections, Dr. Studin advises on massaging the treated areas. This practice is vital for evenly distributing the Sculptra, fostering uniform collagen stimulation, and achieving the most natural and appealing results.


The recovery period following Sculptra treatment is incredibly convenient, allowing patients to quickly resume their day-to-day activities. Dr. Studin provides comprehensive aftercare instructions, emphasizing the importance of postponing vigorous physical activities until the day after the procedure to reduce the likelihood of inflammation. This cautious approach ensures a smooth recovery process, prioritizing patient comfort and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sculptra's results can last up to two years, offering one of the longest-lasting solutions for facial rejuvenation.

Discomfort is minimal, thanks to the application of numbing cream and Dr. Studin's expert technique.

While Sculptra provides significant volume restoration and wrinkle reduction, it complements rather than replaces surgical facelifts for those requiring more extensive correction.

Most patients achieve their desired results after three to four sessions, scheduled several weeks apart.

Recovery involves minimal downtime, with some patients experiencing temporary swelling or bruising that will quickly subside.

Yes, maintaining a healthy skincare routine and protecting your skin from sun exposure are essential to prolong the effects of Sculptra.

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